Our Story



After years of suffering from drinking canned Caesar's without rimmer, the vision of RIMIT was manifested at 3am in our founder's (Rob Cox) dreams. He spent the day studying the market and quickly realized there was an opportunity to change the way people consumed cocktails by adding more convenience than ever before. 

After a year of R&D, market research, planning, obtaining patents, partnering with manufacturers etc, RIMIT was finally brought to the market in August 2019. The feedback was outstanding but there was still one problem….

Our slogan is “RIMIT anywhere, anytime, in seconds! But this wasn’t possible without having the lime juice and rimmer readily available. So, we invented The RIMIT Kit!!! The worlds very first 2 in 1 compact, leak-resistant rimmer kit. We listened to our customers and gave them exactly what they wanted, a kit that had 2 compartments (1 for lime juice, 1 for rimmer) that stays fresh and readily available in the fridge, cooler, cooler bag etc. And, its compatible with any standard household glass and/or our RIMIT’s so you can enjoy a freshly rimmed Caesar’s (or other cocktails) anywhere, anytime, in seconds, in a glass or in a can!

It is our mission to serve you with not only the most innovative, convenient and time saving tools, but also a variety of delicious Rimmer’s for your favorite cocktail or beer!!!



Thank you so much for all the love and support!