(Micheladas/ Bloody Mary)The RIMIT Kit 4 Pack
(Micheladas/ Bloody Mary)The RIMIT Kit 4 Pack
(Micheladas/ Bloody Mary)The RIMIT Kit 4 Pack
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, (Micheladas/ Bloody Mary)The RIMIT Kit 4 Pack
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, (Micheladas/ Bloody Mary)The RIMIT Kit 4 Pack

(Micheladas/ Bloody Mary)The RIMIT Kit 4 Pack

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Why did Budweiser, Sol, Modelo, Tecate and Estrella make a ready to drink Chelada in a can?
    Answer: Convenience!
Is a Chelada a real Chelada without the rimmer?
    Answer: Survey Say's... No!
Why did we invent RIMIT & The RIMIT Kit?
   Answer: To provide you with more convenience than ever before by enabling you to quickly and conveniently rim your canned and / or glassed Cheladas (or other cocktails) anywhere, anytime in seconds!

Offer Details

T H E  R I M I T  K I T  4  P A C K  D E A L 

Comes with 4 RIMIT Kits pre-packed with 130g of our #1 Premium Michelada/ Bloody Mary Rimmer. 

This Limited Time Offer, offers you 4 RIMIT Kit's for only $15 each. 


Product Highlights

Our patent pending RIMIT Kit is the worlds first reusable 2 in 1 compact, leak-resistant Rimmer Kit. The RIMIT Kit comes with 130g of our premium rimmer. All you have to do is add 1 ounce of lime juice to the lime juice compartment. The RIMIT Kit allows you to rim your canned or glassed cocktails anywhere, anytime in seconds!
What happens when you run out of rimmer? No worries, we have 130g refill pouches readily available for you! 
RIMIT provides a quick, convenient and sanitary solution for rimming your canned Caesars, Micheladas, Margaritas, Bloody Marys & Beyond.
Compatible with Motts Clamato Caesars, Matt and Steves Caesars, Margaritaville Margaritas and Budlight Cheladas, Budweiser Cheladas and so many more.



We are expecting to have all pre-orders shipped out before December 1st 2020.
All orders are shipped from Alliston ON Canada

Estimated delivery times:

Canada: 1-5 business days

USA: 3-7 business days


RIMIT is 100% reusable. We guarantee that our products will elevate your cocktail experience and save you time and dishes when rimming-up your favourite cocktails!


How exactly does The RIMIT Kit function?

Always keep The RIMIT Kit in an upright position while opening and closing. Simply twist the top lid with one hand while holding the bottom of the kit with the other. The top lid has a locking system so you can leave the top lid on until the bottom (lime juice compartment) section has been fully unscrewed then remove the top lid. Now, you simply dip your RIMIT or glass into the lime juice, then into your rimmer, then snap the RIMIT on to your opened can or fill your glass up with your Caesar. 

Where should I store The RIMIT Kit?
Its best to keep your RIMIT Kit stored in the fridge when not in use. This ensures the lime juice will stay fresh. We recommend cleaning the lime juice compartment and sponge every 3 - 4 weeks and refilling with fresh lime juice.

Where is The RIMIT Kit most commonly used?
The short answer is everywhere. But you can keep your kit in the fridge at home, use it to serve yourself and/or your friends, travel with your kit via cooler bag, cooler backpack, purse etc. and rim your cocktails anywhere, anytime in seconds!

Do the RIMIT’s fit on every can?
We have manufactured 2 slightly different size RIMIT’s for you. The standard size comes in Red, Blue, Pink, Dark Green and Lime Green all which are compatible with with Motts Clamato Caesars, Matt & Steves Caesars, Michelob Ultra, White Claws, Bludlight and Budweiser Cheladas and many more. These colours also fit on most skinny cans.
Our Gold and Silver are slightly larger and are more compatible with Sol, Tecate, Modelo, Estrellla, Strongbow and many more.

Is there an easier way to get the rimmer to stick to the RIMIT?
Lemon or lime juice will ensure a thick rim for you. Don’t use water, it doesn’t work very well.

Is RIMIT compatible with pop cans or other non-alcoholic cans?
Should I open the can first?