BBQ Pairings with Caesars

It's officially the BBQ season! Whether you are planning a family gathering or a big BBQ party with your friends, get your grill warmed up. From steaks to seafood, prepare some of the best traditional BBQ dishes and pair it up with a Caesar, an absolute crowd favorite. 

BBQ Hamburgers and Ribs at a backyard party with cocktails

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Start you Caesar Sunday by sipping on a refreshing Motts Clamato Caesar all rimmed up with your favourite Caesar Rimmer on a RIMIT all while kicking back poolside at the BBQ Party

Top Seven BBQ Food Pairings

Now that we have simplified the process of creating cocktails your guests would love, let's get to the real deal of finding the right BBQ pairings for those delicious Caesars.

1. Slow Cooked BBQ Ribs

Delicious slow cooked BBQ Ribs Recipe for a Motts Clamato Caesar Party

Your guests will love having slowly cooked smoking ribs on the BBQ. But you could always take an easier route without compromising on the deliciousness of using a slow cooker for the same. Serve these fall-off-the-bone ribs to your loved ones and impress them with your cooking secrets. Slather a savoury dipping sauce on the ribs and toss it up on the grill for a show. Don't forget to pair it up with a rimmed a Mott's Clamato Caesar that your guests will love.

2. Barbecued Vegetarian Kebabs

Barbeque Vegetarian Shish Kabob Recipe with cocktails

Don't let the vegetarians in your gang feel left out. Serve them some spiced up, colourful barbecued veggie skewers that are absolutely easy to prepare. You could grill some zucchini, squash, and peppers on skewers and season them with salt and pepper to create some of the best vegetarian kebabs your guests will love.

3. Garlic Mustard Beef Skewers

Barbecued Garlic Mustard Beef Skewers

Who doesn't love some juicy beef skewers? Amaze your friends and family with this flavourful addition to your barbecue party menu. Before you grill the beef skewers, marinate them in a garlic and dijon mustard sauce to make them juicy and tender. This is a classic pairing with Caesars and your guests will love it!

4. Grilled Burgers

Grilled Hambergers at a BBQ Party

No BBQ party is complete without having delicious and juicy burgers grilled to serve. Prepare the ultimate burger patty to be paired with a Motts Clamato Caesar. Don't forget to be generous with sauces and toppings that complement that perfectly grilled hamburger.

5. Grilled Shrimp Skewers

BBQ Shrimp Skewers

Seafood siesta! Add a touch of Asian flavour to your backyard barbecue party with grilled shrimp skewers. Serve this scrumptious appetizer with ginger and sesame soy sauce. Let your guests relish them with their favorite rimmed up Caesars.

6. Greek Souvlaki Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings and Caesars

Every backyard BBQ party could use some chicken wings and souvlaki skewers. How about creating a blend of both with a tangy yogurt sauce on the side? Marinate wine, lemon juice, and herbs on chicken wings to help you create a grilled flavourful dish with a twist.

7. Grilled Garlic Bread

Grilled Garlic Bread with cheese

It's not a simple loaf of bread tossed in garlic but instead flavoured with thyme and butter. This delicious roasted garlic bread could easily be the hero of your barbecue party.


While there are tons of barbecue pairings that work well with Caesars, these are some of our favourites. Remember to use your RIMIT’s and prepare some freshly rimmed Mott's Clamato Caesars your guests will thank you for!

Motts Clamato Caesars with RIMIT